Scholarship and Concession:

                     Students belonging to backward classes or students falling under lower income group are entitled to various kinds of scholarships and concessions. Students should apply for the scholarship or concession they are eligible for online. They must stay alert about online filling of scholarship or concession forms available on the portal of government as and when the dates are declared by the government. While filling online form, students must enter correct information in prescribed form as suppression of facts, omission of information or hiding information might disqualify them for Scholarship or Concession they are entitled for. Students having gap in education should submit court affidavit declaring a reason for their gap.

  • Kinds of Scholarships
  • GOI Scholarship
  • State Government Scholarship
  • Scholarship to meritorious students of rural areas
  • Free Studentship Education Concession
  • Free Studentship to E.B.C. Students