Committee & Cell:

Committees and Cells Functioning in the College

Sr. No.Name of The Committee/CellName of the In Charge
1College Discipline CommitteeMr. N. D. Gorghate
2Anti-Ragging CommitteeDr. V. K. Sangode
3Admission committeeDr. C. V. Bisen
4Library Advisory CommitteeMr. L. D. Katre
5Students’ Feedback CommitteeDr. V. K. Sangode
6Grievance & Redressal CellDr. A. N. Valechha
7Women Cell (Vishakha Committee)Dr. A. N. Valechha
8Alumni Association CommitteeDr. V. K. Sangode
9Cultural CommitteeDr. C. V. Bisen
10Competitive Coaching, Career Guidance Committee (Career Katta)Dr. S. R. Sayyad
11Prospectus CommitteeMr. A. M. Patil
12Cleanliness committeeMr. V. K. Sangode
13Teachers Parents CommitteeMr. R. N. Huse
14Result Analysis committeeMr. N. D. Gorghate
15College Examination CommitteeDr. C. V. Bisen
16Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)Mr. A. M. Patil
17Student Council CommitteeMr. V. K. Sangode
18Website CommitteeMr. A. M. Patil