There is a recent inception of the Research and Development (R & D) Cell of Manoharbhai Patel College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Sadak Arjuni, in the month of August. This cell has been especially established to promote the research among faculty and the students of the college. It will be the persistent endeavor of this cell to encourage research activities in ensuing time. It aims at nurturing the habit of research and inquisitive spirit among students. It will play the pivotal role of making students aware about the field of research. It will encourage students to undertake research in the field in which there are immense possibilities of research. It will place its onus on interdisciplinary research which is the need of hour. It will also be the major function of this cell to encourage students to participate in different seminars, conferences, workshops, projects which are particularly research oriented. Besides, the cell will try to seek out possibilities of research problems which are virgin and still untouched in the local vicinity majorly in the field of agriculture and other local issues which need to be addressed. The Research and Development Cell in particularly aims at imbibing research culture and foster research oriented attitude among students. The Cell will function under the able guidance of Dr. A. S. Dwivedi, Principal &  Mr. Ramdas N. Huse, Department of Chemistry.

Organization Structure Chart Infographic Graph – 1