1. To inculcate and nurture research culture among faculty members and students.
  2. To promote research through a range of publications, technology developments, patents, and other forms of IPR.
  3. To contribute in nation building by innovative quality research in the field of humanities, science and technology.
  1. To nurture research culture among faculty members and students of the College.
  2. To create awareness and promote the aspiring students and faculty members to carry out research in the field of science and humanities by providing necessary facilities and infrastructures required for them.
  3. To create environment among the staff members to take up Research projects and help them to improve their research skills.
  4. To encourage staff members and students to publish research papers in National and reputed International Conferences/ Journals.
  5. To identify and inform faculty members, about the research opportunities introduced by different academic, research, industry or government organisations.
  6. To assist faculty for applying the projects offered by agencies such as UGC, ICSSR, DST, DBT etc.
  7. To encourage and guide faculty members for getting funds for conducting Seminar/Workshop/FDP on research related issues and intellectual property rights.
  8. To inspire researchers to contribute in the advancement of knowledge for the benefit of society.