Research advisory committee (RAC) looks after the composition of Committees and overall governance of the RDC

Committee – 1: Finance and Infrastructure

  • Finance management
  • CSR funds for sustenance of research activities
  • To communicate with funding agencies
  • To create organizational Funding for publications and patent.

Committee – 2: Research Programs, Policy Development

  • Research promotion and guidance
  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings programmes, and group discussions etc.
  • To plan policies for identifying incentives for faculty involved in research
  • Research Monitoring
  • Internal evaluation of research papers and to suggest publication of papers in Scopus indexed, Web of Science or UGC-CARE listed journals
  • Well-equipped Research labs for the fulfilment of good laboratory practices and for safety (Bio and chemical) measures.

Committee – 3: Collaboration and Community

  • Research Ecosystem and Collaborations
  • To establish collaborations, partnerships and combined ventures with other RDCs of other HEIs
  • Creating a hub for strategic partnerships/collaboration in the field of research and development.

Committee – 4: Product Development, Monitoring and Commercialization

  • To make innovative plans to facilitate researchers
  • To create mechanism for smooth functioning of research work
  • Create a Blog/Portal
  • Technology Development and Business-cantered facility
  • Commercialization of research to facilitate innovation, incubation, entrepreneurship and start-up ventures

Committee – 5: IPR and Ethical Matters

  • IPR and patent services
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Mandatory implementation of standard plagiarism check